DragAndDropContainer::isDragAndDropActive() returns true even after the user has let go of the mouse

Long story short, after a drag operation, DragAndDropContainer::isDragAndDropActive() returns true for a short interval after the mouse button has been released.

I believe this happens because under the hood the code is this:

bool DragAndDropContainer::isDragAndDropActive() const
    return dragImageComponents.size() > 0;

In the rest of the code is clear that the drag images are kept alive after mouse up, to perform their animation towards their destination (at least, this is what happens if the drag is aborted, with images animating back to their original positions).
Because the test checks if there are still drag images around, it keeps returning true until the ending animation terminates.
What I would have expected instead, is that after the mouse button was released it returned false right away.

This has an actual impact on code I’m writing (which is out of the scope of this post, but I can explain in further detail if necessary)

I know that changing this behavior is a breaking change (albeit very small), so, what do you think about adding a bool parameter to isDragAndDropActive() to discern the two types of queries?

Obviously, with a default value to the current behavior, for backwards compatibility of existing code