DragAndDropContainer 's finding a top most container

Hello All,

I have one component “AB” which inherit DragAndDropContainer that has one small square component “C” which use DragAndDropContainer’s findParentDragContainerFor method to find it’s parent container which is “AB”. I use startDragging("",this) and make “C” as DragAndDropTarget. This all works fine.

Now i have another component “D” which inherits DragAndDropContainer to become most level drag container which is child of “ABCD”. So ultimately my "AB, “C” “D” all are in ABCD. I wont to drag component “C” out of “AB” and want to drag it in and put it there “D”. How can i get Most top level’s DragAndDropContainer, or pass my drag source “C” to drag target “D” ? Using findParentDragContainerFor method i can find only one level up DragContainer(Target) ?

Please help me with this one. Thanks.

I don’t think you should use nested levels of DragAndDropContainers. There’s not really any point, and if you’re dragging inside the inner one, you’ll be unable to drag things out of it… Best to just have a single one at the outermost level.