Draggable3DOrientation Not working


I have a static Draggable3DOrientation object and set the viewport to the local bounds of the current window. I want to update the viewMatrix as you do in the OpenGLDemo, but calling PhOrientation::draggableOrientation.getRotationMatrix() has no effect. Changing the rotation argument does rotate the vertices, however. Any idea why this is not working? I don't think that the draggableOrientation is getting triggered. Could it be that the viewPort is not being properly set? I'm on OSX Maverick.

void OpenGLCanvas::resized()
    PhOrientation::draggableOrientation.setViewport (getLocalBounds());

void OpenGLCanvas::mouseDown (const MouseEvent& e)
    PhOrientation::draggableOrientation.mouseDown (e.getPosition());

void OpenGLCanvas::mouseDrag (const MouseEvent& e)
    PhOrientation::draggableOrientation.mouseDrag (e.getPosition());

//elsewhere I call this:

static Matrix3D<float> getViewMatrix( float rotation)
        Matrix3D<float> viewMatrix (Vector3D<float> (1.0f, 1.0f, -10.0f));
        viewMatrix *= PhOrientation::draggableOrientation.getRotationMatrix();                                                                                                                                     
        Matrix3D<float> rotationMatrix = viewMatrix.rotated (Vector3D<float> (rotation, rotation, 3.30f));
        return viewMatrix * rotationMatrix;


Anybody? I'd really appreciate the help...


Hard to see what's going on there, but surely easy enough to debug it and see when the numbers change?

(And you should avoid using statics for things like that)


Ok,  thanks. I'll try that