Draw a regoin

hi everyone ,how to draw a regoin? like SetWindowRgn() in Windows SDK.

SetWindowRgn doesn’t draw anything, it’s just a (very old-fashioned) way to change a window’s shape.

If you want to draw a shape, you’d use Graphics::fillPath. If you want a non-rectangular window, then just make it transparent and draw any shape you want.

I am careless,I meant use CreateEllipticRgn() to draw a regoin ,just like as SDK says,If I can use JUCE’ function,…

I create a child window ,but SetWindowRgn() 's hWnd must point itself,not parent window,how,…

BTW, create child window,SetWindowRgn(), CreateEllipticRgn() and parent window,how does is it association with each other?

CreateEllipticRgn also doesn’t draw anything.

Are you trying to find Path::addEllipse() or Graphics::fillEllipse()?

yeah,I have a try .jules , thank you.