Drawable and Viewport issue

Hi Jules,


So far I wasn't able to found my issue so maybe you would be able to give me some hints where to look.

I have a widget  inside a viewport with an SVG background (displayed using a drawable)

When I open a popup menu in this widget, the background do not gets redrawn behind the popup menu when it's closed


So far I only reproduce it on Windows. But I know that Window tend to optimize repainting way more than on OSX.

I know that for example DrawableShape::paint do funky things with the drawing context so I was wondering if there could be some issue with the viewport.


Any pointer would be appreciated.




Usually when things don't get painted it's because you're drawing outside of a component's bounds (when you have setPaintingIsUnclipped turned on), or something is set to opaque and isn't painting its background.. Hard to guess in this case what might be wrong.

Good catch.