Drawing a background to a TableListBox

doesnt seem to be possible at the moment. i tried inheriting TableListBox and overriding the paint function, but after setting a breakpoint I realised that it didn’t run. It looks like this is because the ListBox that TableListBox inherits from has a viewport which holds a component, and it’s this components paint function I would need to override but its all private. I tried inheriting my own viewport with the intention of getting a pointer to the TableListBox’s viewport and then setting it to an instance of my own, but it now doesnt seem as though that is possible.

Am I missing some easy PaintTableBoxList in LookAndFeel?

You can set the various parts of the TableListBox to have a transparent background colour (setColourId() I think) and then stick another Component behind the thing and do your background painting in there. Just an idea.

You could just paint your background underneath the table and leave bits of it transparent? I think that’s probably how I normally do stuff like that.

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damnit, of course. thanks.