Dropping OS X 10.6 support

Hi all, as has been discussed previously on this forum, we are about to drop OS X 10.6 support. We are doing this so that we can keep improving JUCE by using more modern C++ practices and STL features which simply cannot be back-ported to 10.6.

OS X 10.6 is already unsupported on the develop branch and we will be releasing a point release update by tomorrow (5.3.2) which means that OS X 10.6 will also be unsupported on the master branch and the webpage downloads.

Originally we planned on 5.3.1 being the last release in the 5.3.x series and therefore dropping support for OS X 10.6 was planned for 5.4. However, there have been quite a few important bug fixes on develop in recent weeks and the gap between releases would be too large if we don’t sneak in another point release.