dRowAudio updated to JUCE 7.0.3

Hi everybody,

I have forked the great dRowAudio library by David Rowland (@dave96) in order to update it to the latest JUCE version. Actually, I’ve forked the fork of a fork of a fork of a fork… Many thanks to everyone who has worked in updating this module over the last ten years!

Everything seems to be working fine and it compiles with no warnings. I have tested on macOS, iOS and Android, but I have not tested on Windows or Linux.

I updated the demo as well and also included an iOS example app which David shared here years ago and demonstrates his Audio Picker class. It allows one to choose and play audio files from the user’s music library, a function which JUCE is lacking but I very much needed.

This function only works with actual devices, not on the simulator, and is somewhat different in the case of the iPad. And since I don’t own an iPad, I have not been able to test it. It would be great if someone here could!

So, I hope this is useful. And needless to say, re-forking yet again or pull requests are more than welcome.


I’ve merged into my fork. GitHub - FigBug/drowaudio: dRowAudio JUCE module I haven’t really been tracking the other forks, but I think mine was the most up to date previously.

Great, thanks! Yes, I think yours was the most up to date too.

I added some GitHub Actions so it always builds for macOS, Windows and Linux. I started on cleaning up the namespace usage, but it’s painfully boring so I gave up. Maybe I’ll finish it later.

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Any chance you might push a PR back to drowaudios’ original repo so that we can have a more canonical source for this excellent library in the future? Its difficult to keep track of these forks - why not push back to the originator?

That would be ideal but the original repo hasn’t been maintained in a long time and I guess the original author would want to go over the many changes, which is really a lot of work.

By the way, I recently discovered this little tool which lets you find the most up-to-date fork of a project:

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Merged but not tested. I should probably add a note that unfortunately the repo isn’t a high priority for me at the moment but I’m happy for people to open PRs if they’re done well if the project is still useful for some.


I find dRowAudio very useful, Dave and would love to see some of the more active forks return to you with a PR.