DryWetMixer issues, gain sliders and compressors only affect the wet signal once the dry/wet mix is up

Hey everyone. I am running into what I think is a rookie mistake. I am making a plug-in incorporating delay and distortion along with a make-up knob. One thing to know is that I have a singular mix knob that is meant to mix dry and wet samples for the delay. In my mind I have the compressor and the makeup gain set up so that they effect both the wet and the dry signal, and this is how everything works initially. However, the moment I turn up the mix knob, all of my other knobs: input gain, compressor threshold, makeup gain start to only effect the wet signal. The dry signal becomes untouchable. I honestly think that my AudioProcessorTreeState setup is fine and that my problem lies with signal flow in the processBlock. I am attaching a picture of ProcessBlock below