DSP Chorus Parameters not updating

Hello, I have implemented a chorus using the dsp module following a tutorial I have on the filter module but changing the parameters to accomodate the chorus, but only the delay time seems to be affected with the effect being always on reagrdless of drywet mix, my processor.cpp looks is Compiler Explorer if anyone wants to have a look, i have set the Processor.h as Compiler Explorer and I have no idea what could be wrong, any help would be appreciated.

Is your dry signal being overwritten by the wet signal? I think you need to make a copy of it before writing to the outputs, as the output and input may point to the same buffers. (That’s pretty common, actually.)

I’m not sure, I’m just using the setDryWet() parameter I saw on the dsp::chorus documentation, I thought that would already set the dry and wet signals separately

Im using
juce::dsp::AudioBlock block(buffer);
auto processingContext = juce::dsp::ProcessContextReplacing(block);
in my processblock to implement the chrous, not sure if I should do anything else

So the setCentreDelay command works for the parameter listener Ive set but it seems the other parameters dont affect the rest of commands, and they are all set the same way.