DSP Gate and WaveShaper

Hi there,

I am creating an OverDrive plugin which has a noise gate feature on it. As it stands I can get the gate to work on the entire process block but, I was wondering if there was a way of getting the gate to only work on the WaveShaper that I am using?

Many thanks.

It’s not clear what you want to do.

Hi Lex248,

Thanks for the reply. I am using JUCE to create an overdrive plugin with a noise gate feature as well. I’m using the DSP module and the a waveshaper function (std::tanh) to produce the drive aspect of the plugin.

The waveshaper is processing the the audio block (buffer) and I can get the noise gate to process the audio block as well but, it processes the entire block. I only want the gate to be working on the waveshaper, effectively cutting the noise created but the drive. Is there a way of achieving this?

Surely there are some ways. Still not clear without the code. And what does not suit the current algorithm of work? I don’t think it’s heavy on the processor.

So, I have these two lines in the Process Block:

shaper2.process(dsp::ProcessContextReplacing< float > (block));
Gate.process(dsp::ProcessContextReplacing< float > (block));

and I would like the gate to only process the outcome of the shaper function and not the entire block (buffer).

Need to embed the Gate into the shaper process. By the way, Gate should be before the shaper, logically.

Oh absolutely. I just wanted to cut the noise of the waveshaper.

Thank you for your help.


Can I just say I was being a complete muppet about this until you sent me straight. Thank you

OK, good luck!