Dusk Tiger guitar

Hello everyone-

Gibson’s new Dusk Tiger guitar comes with JUCE-powered software that lets you program custom tunings and tones into the guitar.


It’s referred to on the site as the “Chamelon Tone-Editing Software.”


That’s very cool, matt, thanks for the pointer! In the video he mentions all the tone shaping is analog. There must be a digital connection too, right, or where would the software get its signals? I guess this is all proprietary? A shame if so, but maybe it’ll give Gibson the advantage until the next Variax-alike comes along. The knob in the video is super cool :slight_smile: I may have to trade in my Godin…

I should say that I am not a Gibson employee. The company I work for has worked with Gibson to build a computer interface for the guitar. Please don’t take anything I say here as any kind of official statement.

The EQ and pickup configuration in the guitar is analog, but digitally controlled as you surmise.

The interface we designed with Gibson has a hex input mode so you can bring each string into the computer as a separate
signal. So you can get some really insane tones by processing each string individually. The hex mode also carries digital control data between the interface and the guitar so you can configure the guitar, update the guitar firmware, etc.

My favorite feature is the automatic tuning. It spoils you. It’s very easy to get used to taking out your guitar, plugging it in, strum it once to tune, and you’re ready to play.

Anyhow, it’s always nice to finally ship something!


Well done, matt, nice job!

(…I assume my complimentary Les Paul is in the mail, right…? :wink: )

Oh, yeah, definitely! Go camp out by your mailbox right now! :smiley: