Dynamic lib leaks obj on Mac OSX - but not on LINUX? - SOLVED

I'm new to Juce so I'm hoping someone can help me with my ignorance of this matter please.
I created a dynamic library on LINUX - works fine and doesn't leak objects.
Ported same exact code to MAC OSX and created the dynlib (using XCode) and works fine, BUT, when exiting app that uses the dynamic library I get the message that "*** Leaked objects detected: 1 instance(s) of class MessageManager".
Do I have to explicitly unload the dynlib before exiting or is there something else that I should do?


Only the build for Debug exhibits this behavior.  The production build does not.  While technically I haven't solved the problem, it isn't an issue for me in production.

The leak detection stuff isn't enabled in a release build, so you're probably still leaking but not seeing it.