Eclipse Error Messages and Warnings


Eclipse (on current Ubuntu) seems to have no luck with my errors and warnings - I only see the first chunk of each message, it looks like.

I found GCC’s -fmessage-length option, and tried that - it doesn’t help. Looks like the 0 setting - which was the CDT default - is what I want.

On a side note, a lot of errors seem to be conflicts between X and juce. I wonder if I need to add defines to my project, like the juce namespace? It’s a managed CDT Make project.



Eclipse still seems a bit crap, but I have a full compile now. The only thing left seems to be that I have to #undef KeyPress. This seems to be present in the Juce Demo too, after the OpneGL includes.

Any harm done? Any caveats about doing that?



no problem undeffing that, it’s just to avoid a clash on the Mac.


It’s Linux I have to do it on. Mac doesn’t seem to care.



Oh yes, that’s right.