Editing automation tracks from AudioProcessorEditor

Hello every one,

I would like some help with the audio plugin I’m creating. This plugin takes the AudioSampleBuffer and and edits it according to the automated variables. I would like to be able to edit these variables from my AudioProcessorEditor.

I have found the method setValueNotifyingHost in AudioProcessorParameter that should be able to do this. However as I see it this method will only edit this value at the current time. I would like to be able to do this in a region of the automation track.

I could solve this by manually keeping track of the changes and applying them at the correct time in the processBlock method but that would be a really dirty solution.

does anyone know a better way to solve this problem?

I just found this topic that discuses the same kind of problem i have with the same conclusion i had so i gues i’ll be using that.