Educational resources that have helped me

I already know how to program with JavaScript and PHP. I have much to remember about C, and much to learn about JUCE and C++. If you are already familiar with PHP and MySQL, then you are already clear on the concept of how to work with the data types of C and C++.

For the past week or so I have been studying the C++ tutorials at I began with the tutorials on classes, because I have minimal experience with Object Oriented Programming. Next, I went on to study the rest of the C++ tutorials at this website.

For detailed information on how filters work, I recommend going to this URL:

The above mentioned website also has the best information I have found about how phase shift works. Here is the URL for said tutorial:


Thank you!

I’m learning the ropes myself, and any good resource on C++ and DSP is welcome.

My go to resources are currently:

  1. StackOverflow (obviously)
  3. The Art of VA Filter Design - big thanks to @IvanC for pointing this one out.
  5. The KVR Forum for devs
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For beginners stuff, I host a tutorial page for audio programming beginners and Juce at

I hope you find it helpful!

@jules et al, can we set up a sticky thread that has some of these links as well as some links to forum posts that explain the correct way to set up things like enabling/handling automation in a plugin, setting up pluginProcessors so they happen in sequence, recording multiple channels of audio simultaneously, etc… A lot of it has been discussed, but you gotta really dig to find it all. I think it would be really helpful to lots of new developers if that information were presented as a static resource.