Efficient modal synthesis?

Hello! I’m very interested in incorporating a polyphonic modal synthesis engine in my plugin. As far as I’ve found though, the CPU usage makes this pretty infeasible. Is this just the nature of modal synthesis? I’ve noticed that Ableton’s collision instrument seems to use barely any CPU compared to my own attempts. Does anyone know if there any optimizations that can be made or where i might look for more info on the subject?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you start out using the SIMD register class in JUCE, you can make arbitrary large vectors:
if you now have every element in those vector representing a parameter in a oscillator or filter, the speed up can be very significant.
So e.g., if you have like 4 coefficients in a filter, those 4 float vars becomes 4 large float vectorarrays, and the the corresponding output is also a vector array with the same size.
That way your CPU can have maximum efficiency.

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