Embedded font support

Hi Jules,


Just wanted to let you know that the nexly added Embedded font support do not work the same on Windows 7(no DirectWrite) and OSX.

The resulting display is different and it looks like the OSX version is wrong (according to the result I used to have with TheVinn code and FreeType)

See enclosed examples.

I can provide you the ttf font if required.


Thanks !


Hmm.. The metrics are calculated in the same way regardless of how the font is loaded. Can't think what could be making it do that.. I guess it could be something strange about the font you're using - if you want to send me a copy, I'll take a look..

Did this lead to something? I got some big differences between win & osx that I don't understand as well, using an embedded font.

Nop. I ended still using TheVinn code which uses FreeType

But it was related to some specific fonts. not all displayed the issue FWIW