Embedding video chat?

I’ve wanted to embed video chat into my plugin for a while, and was hoping that with the new browser component in juce6 that I’d be able to do so, but if I understand correctly it it looks like this component only works in very specific situations and is not really viable right now (Need edge canary for it to work)

Is there any way at all to embed a video chat without using the new embedded browser component, or with if anyone has any advice? Would love this functionality but am at a loss as to how to bring it in.

Bumping this, wondering if there’s anyone who has any advice?

JUCE uses underlying OS mechanisms to host browser content, and those have been updated in juce6 to use newer os mechanisms. Have you run tests that show the video chat to not work? what issues are you seeing? are the issues the same across platforms?

Yes I’ve run some tests and honestly I’ve struggled quite a bit with the new webbrowsercomponent, I’ve followed the documentation and installed edge beta + the required nuget packages but still no bueno, it always fails to load and falls back to IE which doesn’t work well due to the lack of modern JS support. Then there’s the issue of actually distributing this to clients since 99% of people wont have edge canary installed. So it seems like it’s not a viable solution for windows.

Would love to be wrong on this though! If you happen to have managed to get this to work and have any code snippets or advice im all ears!

It sounds like the expectations for what embedded web browsers should do don’t line up with their intention, in that they’re simply web browsers. There is no guarantee that there are native hooks underlying the browsers that capture video data, and have a means to serve up AV frames - this is especially true in this cross-platform context.

Well… let me eat my shorts i got it to work :slight_smile: Needed to specify the path of the package under

  • packages\webview2\builkd*native*\x64\WebView2Loader.dll
  • And the user folder was the appdata folder that we’re allowed to write to.

Just tested with google meet, but plan on using amazon chime to setup a custom room that will fit the requirements of the product.

Cheers! Good start to my morning!!


Interesting find. Glad you got it working!