Empty OpenGL Component - Infinite Memory Allocation Issue (iOS)

Hello, I have a big issue with OpenGLAppComponen. I added empty component to the MainComponent and noticed that memory grows like yeast. For a couple of minutes I have an extra 10 megabytes. If you wait half an hour, it will grow to half a gigabyte.

What is the issue ?
BTW, it’s stop allocate memory if I use:
also memory grows if we call the triggerRepaint();

Feels like about 64 bytes+++


BTW2. Do you also have a 30-42% CPU for the empty opengl renderer? It seems too much. though…

Have to say, I don’t see this issue with new Juce 6. So I’ll mark that post as SOLVED.

p.s. but if someone still have this issue, try to compile in release mode. the problem seems was only in debug mode.