Empty tutorial projects

Hi all and mostly juce tutorial content creators.
Just a thought, I have just recently started with Juce and have been following the tutorials on your website but although there is plentiful of information provided I imagine that since it is a tutorial it would require us to actually write code rather than at the start download the project which is populated with the code from the tutorial already leaving us with nothing but read and compare the code.
Doesnt make sense from a learning perspective. A good way of writing tutorials should be to explain the core functionality that is needed to complete the projects, the steps required some pointers and hints in case people get stuck and some bits of code as a shell but leave some work to be completed by the learner.
Hope that would be considered for future tutorials :slight_smile:

This is how the tutorials were made before (it were only a few back then).
When the new tutorials were written, it became evident, that there is a lot of repetitive code, so the PIP were created, so you can write minimal example code. It is very helpful, so you don’t look at a repetitive boilerplate but rather at code that is specific to the problem that is being explained.
But I understand, that the transition from the PIPs to an actual project is now harder than it was before. Maybe adding the original first tutorial, that used the full boilerplate could solve that.