Encryption of an iOS app

An app for iOS was created with Juce. The app store asks for encryption of the mobile application. Are apps created with Juce automatically encrypted? (An export of data does not take place in this example. The transmission must of course be encrypted.)

Is this one of the questions you have to answer about your app? What is the actual question the App Store is asking you?

Thanks for your answer. The app was loaded into the “App Srore Connect” with X-Code. The following message is output there. Unfortunately in the German language. In English the translation is something like:

Export compliance documents

Does your app use encryption?
Select “Yes” even if your app only uses the standard encryption in the Apple operating system.

Export laws require that encrypted products be properly authorized for export. Violations can result in substantial penalties. Further information

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In our case we have not implemented an export from the mobile application.

If you have no HTTPS communication then you have no encryption.

If you do some server side communication with HTTPS then you could see the way too many quora, stackoverflow and blogs trying to explain this.
I’m still not sure what’s the proper one if you do some HTTPS.

Thanks for your answer. That helps. So it’s all about communication from the app to an other system? (In the case of our mobile application, no communication is established with any server.)