EngineInPlugin - Input/Output Layout

When running the EngineInPlugin demo as a standalone I can change the standalone wrapper to use my Airpods as an output.

If I try to also enable them as the input I hit an assertion in WaveInputDeviceInstance::copyIncomingDataIntoBuffer() :

jassertfalse; // Is an input device getting created with more channels than the total number of device channels?

I also hit asserts in AudioMidiFifo::writeAudioAndMidi() and AudioMidiFifo::readAudioAndMidi() :

jassert (audioDst.getNumChannels() == audioBuffer.getNumChannels());

I understand what the assertion means but I am not sure how to allow the application to run with this config.

Are you setting te::HostedAudioDeviceInterface::Parameters to match your device config?