Entering the code

Hi, I just purchased a licence for Juce (yay!) and I had a little difficulty entering the code.
First up I couldn’t find where you enter the code as the ‘about’ button came up with a script error and most of the text almost whited out to the background. I then spotted the agreement option which highlighted an ‘enter code’ text or whatever it was. I did that, but I was amazed it didn’t allow the dashes in the code to be entered, which was slightly weird and annoying -of course people are going to copy and paste the code!!
And there were in total, 3 separate script error screens that popped up during the whole process. But it did all work in the end.
It gave quite an amateur impression, I’m sorry to say. I’m using Win 10, if that helps.
I’m loving Juce BTW!! edit I’m not using any anti-virus or firewall apart from Windows’ own.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll let the web team know.