Equal Power Panning Law

I am currently trying to figure out how to animate a rotation through the equal power panning law. This correlates with a function I have in my processBlock that circulates through:

  1. A Left Delay with positive feedback
  2. Right Delay with positive Feedback
  3. A Right Delay with negative Feedback
  4. A Left Delay with Negative Feedback
  5. Repeat 1-4

The Goal is to make a circular sound leaving “one” delay visible and or to be heard!

H is the output of my bi-polar oscillator, How would I go about adding two more gain values and having the oscillation cycle through four volume multipliers rather than two?

float HAngle = H * PI_4;

	float m_HyperLeftGain = (SQRT2_2 * (cos(HAngle) - sin(HAngle)));
	float m_HyperRightGain = (SQRT2_2 * (cos(HAngle) + sin(HAngle)));