Error including Dirac Library on iOS

Having a bit of an issue with Introjucer and loading a library intended for iOS.

I've set my extra library search path to the correct directory, basing this on what works properly on desktop mode.

When I try to include the library though, it fails to build, complains about not being able to find the library.

What makes this strange is that when I load the library manually, via XCode, it will work ONLY if the 'External Libraries to Link' field in Introjucer is left blank. As expected, my manual additions are overridden when I save via IJ.


Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? Again, it works if I add the library manually.

My 'Extra Library Search Paths' is set to:

/Users/me/Documents/--DIRAC3LE--/Dirac3-Mobile/Common\ Files/src/

and indeed libDIRAC_iOS-fat.a is in there. Neither 'libDIRAC_iOS-fat.a' nor 'libDIRAC_iOS-fat' works for the external library entry.

Thank yall

Bumping this - suggesting maybe to move to the iOS specific forum...

I still have to manually add the Dirac library everytime I save in the Introjucer.

I have found out that, in the Introjucer my "Extra Library Search Paths" is set to:

/Users/me/Documents/code/--DIRAC3LE--/Dirac3-Mobile/Common\ Files/src/

Once in X-Code, under build settings, Library Search Paths, this gets converted to two lines at the space (between Common\ Files).