Error when using windows Narrator / NVDA to test usability

Hey Everyone,

I’m getting an E1097 “no_init_all” error when using a screen reader in windows; have tried NVDA and Narrator which gives me the same error. I can change sliders and navigate with tab no problem before the screen reader is turned on, but as soon as I turn on the screen reader the interface crashes. I’m using VS code 2017 in windows and am unsure how to resolve it. First post on here, so any help would be appreciated.

It sounds like the “no_init_all” error is a compile-time error. To fix this, it would be helpful to know the exact versions of the compiler and Windows SDK you are using.

The crash sounds like a different problem. Does your debugger provide any details at the point of the crash (error code, stack trace etc.)? Do you see the same problem in any of the JUCE example programs (DemoRunner, Projucer etc.) or only in your own program?

So, it was only in my program. I’ve managed to get it fixed, I deleted my builds folder and rebuilt the project seems to have done the trick. Thank you for the help anyway :smile:

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