Error with file not found

#include "DataModels/VisibleRangeDataModel.h"

‘DataModels/VisibleRangeDataModel.h’ file not found

But the file is there in Producer, in the folder.

Any help is most welcome.
Thank you.

Have you checked the file is there on disk?

If you open the Source/ directory, can you see a folder called DataModels/ with the VisibleRangeDataModel.h file within it?

Hi yes, it is there

Which file are you trying to include it from?

It is in a folder, but no matter what I tried Xcode will not see it.

Yes, but if the file you’re trying to #include it from isn’t in the source root folder it won’t find it unless you change the path in the #include

Which .cpp or .h file are you trying to include it from?

For example, if you’re trying to include it in Ruler.h you’d have to use:

#include "../DataModels/VisibleRangeDataModel.h"

Xcode should autocomplete #include paths as you type them if there’s a valid path to the file.


IIRC, the projucer will add your Source/ directory to the search path so you should be able to use

#include <DataModels/VisibleRangeDataModel.h>

It does not


Ahh, maybe I was thinking of JuceLibraryCode/?

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Thank you for helping I appreciate it -
May I will take screenshots it will show you?

The folder is in the location, is the Xcode path OK, I think it is.

It is also strange because another source file MPENewSettingsComponent that has this include has no error, exactly the same path.

Those are different paths. The one that’s showing an error has “…” at the start of it

Apologies I send the previous path photo, they both the same since.