Errors using the windows dll


I compiled the windows dll project, included the pathes to the libraries and added the “JUCE-2.0.40\extras\windows dll\JuceLibraryCode” folder to the include path. When I try to compile my project now I get this error:

1>d:\pluginrepo\sdks\juce-2.0.40\juce-2.0.40\extras\windows dll\jucelibrarycode\modules\juce_core\containers/juce_HashMap.h(434): error C2208: 'juce::Array<juce::HashMap<KeyType,ValueType,HashFunctionToUse,TypeOfCriticalSectionToUse>::HashEntry*>' : no members defined using this type 1> d:\pluginrepo\sdks\juce-2.0.40\juce-2.0.40\extras\windows dll\jucelibrarycode\modules\juce_core\containers/juce_HashMap.h(446) : see reference to class template instantiation 'juce::HashMap<KeyType,ValueType,HashFunctionToUse,TypeOfCriticalSectionToUse>' being compiled 1>d:\pluginrepo\sdks\juce-2.0.40\juce-2.0.40\extras\windows dll\jucelibrarycode\modules\juce_core\containers/juce_HashMap.h(434): fatal error C1903: unable to recover from previous error(s); stopping compilation 1> antialiasedfontcache.cpp

I’m using VS2012 if that matters.


This isn’t an error in the actual DLL compilation, it’s in your own code, right? Did you see that the HashMap has changed to use non-static methods in its HashFunctionType parameter - if you’re using your own hash function you might need to tweak your code?

The library compiled just fine, I get this error when compiling my code. It is a rather large project and I get 141 compile errors refering to the HashMap, even though I’m not using it right now.

edit: Found another error burried deep inside of the other compile errors:

Well there’s nothing in the juce library that uses HashMap, and all of my code compiles without any errors like this, so it must be something you’re doing in your code that’s causing the problem. No idea what, though!