Errors with DPI scaling in Windows 7

A user reported an issue with DPI scaling under Windows 7 that can easily be reproduced with the JUCE demo app. To reproduce (only Windows 7), enable 125% or 150% font scaling and start the JUCE demo app. Browse to the GUI demos and run WindowsDemo.h and click the button to show all windows. The error is evident when you try to maximize the DocumentWindow using the maximize button. Similarly, file drag and drop positions seem to be wrong (by the same factor) when using font scaling in Windows 7.

Have you tested this with the latest tip of the develop branch?

Thanks! I used the latest official version (5.4.3). I can check out the develop branch if it was fixed there.

I’m not seeing any issues on either the develop branch or in the 5.4.3 release. Are you talking about this option in the display settings?

I’ve seen similar scaling issues (with OpenGL in those other threads) but only after logging out and back in after changing the Windows scaling.

Yes, exactly. You’ll need to sign out and in again after changing the font scaling to reproduce the issue.

I did, you can see that the “Apply” button is greyed out in the screenshot. I was still unable to reproduce the issue on Windows 7, Service Pack 1 build 7601.

Here’s what it looks like when the Document Window is maximized here: