Example zip file corrupted

I downloading tutorial_simple_synth_noise.zip on both Windows 7 and OSX.  Both report it as not a valid zip file.


I noticed the same. All tutorial zipfiles are corrupt at the new location. As a workaround you can download them from the location as indicated in this post : http://www.juce.com/forum/topic/tutorials-and-api-reference-update :



Unfortunately, this is true of the new tutorials as well, which aren't in the old location.

Thanks for the heads-up guys, we'll take a look on Monday..

here's a list of bad and good zip file download 4:50pm central standard time 12 Nov 2015:

okay tutorial_component_parents_children.zip
bad  tutorial_graphics_class.zip
bad  tutorial_handling_midi_events.zip
bad  tutorial_listeners_and_broadcasters.zip
bad  tutorial_looping_audio_sample_buffer.zip
bad  tutorial_looping_audio_sample_buffer_advanced.zip
bad  tutorial_main_component.zip
bad  tutorial_main_component_finished.zip
bad  tutorial_main_window.zip
okay tutorial_playing_sound_files.zip
bad  tutorial_simple_synth_noise.zip
bad  tutorial_sine_synth.zip
bad  tutorial_slider_values.zip
bad  tutorial_synth_level_control.zip