Examples showing VST use of Projucer built GUI components

Can anyone point me at examples that show best practice for combining GUI components built in the Projucer within a VST project?

I’m trying to understand how Gui Components are supposed to fit together with the often used ‘ParameterSlider’ utility class amongst other things.

I’ve run through the standard tutorials, but they seem to skip a few important steps e.g. AudioProcessorParameters and correct handling of them.

Thanks in advance!

With “Projucer built GUI components” do you mean Projucer’s GUI editor? The GUI editor does not have any UI way of hooking up parameters with sliders. You’ll need to write code for this. I think the examples/audio plugin demo should give you an idea on how to hoop up sliders and parameters.

Thanks Fabian,
I was indeed talking about components made (from scratch) with Projucer’s GUI Editor.

I get what you’re saying and I have already traced though the audio plugin demo and it is a mine of information.

I guess I was just looking to see if there’s a recommended best way of doing the necessary before I reinvent the wheel. e.g. looking at ParamSlider and thinking, “do I really need to cut and paste that into my project?”

As I muddle my way though this, would there be any use in me writing this up as a tutorial?
There would need to be someone out there to QA my code for any howlers (C++ is not my main language), but it should at least get people to well formed basic audio plugins that use more of the ProJucer features and behave nicely WRT the plugin Host.


There is another tutorial about this in the works and we are hoping to release it in the next couple of days.

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Hi Fabian,

Have you released this tutorial?