Experimental support for the Windows Runtime MIDI API




We have been testing the new API using a connected Bluetooth LE device. We have noticed that when we send MIDI Sysex messages to a Bluetooth LE device only part of the message arrives at the receiver, e.g. if we send a short four byte message only the first two bytes are received.

Have you guys discovered any work arounds for this problem? The only work around that we have come up with is to use the Windows Bluetooth SDKs directly…


We’ve not found anything better than that.

However, there is some related good news on the horizon - Microsoft appear to have fixed this issue in their latest developer preview, which means it’s likely this will be fixed in the next major release. Once that’s verified we’ll investigate enabling the new MIDI API by default for new Windows versions.


Hi, what’s the current status on this? Am I correct in thinking that this will also provide multi-client access to a MIDI port? thx


Microsoft were told about the SysEx hanging problem in 2015. They are also aware of the device enumeration problem. In their forums, they say they’re working on it. I have to wonder what takes three years to fix two crippling problems.


Their attitude to MIDI is perplexing to say the least. I can’t believe that we still need things like loopmidi to create virtual MIDI ports also.