Experimental support for Unity native audio plugins on the develop branch


@daniel I am familiar with git and I was able to download that repository using the line of code you suggested. However, when I create a plugin with this version of JUCE in the Projucer, I don’t see an option to enable Unity. Do you know why that might be?


You need to build the projucer yourself, it’s in JUCE/extras


Thanks. That got it to show up.


Is it possible, using this experimental appraoch, to get unity’s transformation matrix (x,y,z & rotaion & scale) into the plugin?


No the Unity plug-in API doesn’t provide this. You could expose parameters for these values and modify them from a Unity script though.


@ed95 Nice work with this.

One thing I’ve noticed is a small bug for plugins with spaces in their names. For example with a plugin called “My Plugin”, a class called audioplugin_My PluginGUI will be created in the UnityScript.cs. This causes custom GUI loading to fail. I think whatever is generating the .cs file needs to sanitise the name string, removing spaces (or any other characters not allowed in a class name).



I’ll get that sorted out, thanks!