Expert UX/UI designer is looking for partner developer

Hi everyone, I am Svemir,
very enthusiastic about music apps and music geometry. I have expert skills in UX and UI, prototyping and micro interactions. Also knowledge about music theory etc. I am looking for partner/co founder to build audio apps together with Juce. I have few interesting concepts already and I am open to collaboration on yours as well. If you are interested reach me out, and let’s see if we can find a deal.

all best

Hi @svemir, and welcome,
It could have been nice to get some links to your previous works, if possible.

Hi Ben
I have done a lot of mobile and web apps and data visualization. However I am looking to dive into this music creation vertical, so that’s why I am here. I have an wireframe and idea for MPE mobile app controller and standalone creative tool

What are you doing?
all best,

Hey Mirko,
nice work.

OT: are you related to Alexander Lazarevic? If so, say hi. I studied with him in Magdeburg late 90s, was a few years behind him.

Hi, thanks. No we are not related :slight_smile:

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If I can offer my non-expert UX advice, the site takes a few seconds to load and has distracting animations. imho a better UX would had been a simple static page with no animations

While we are on it: I found the contact page discouraging from contacting you, since it gave nothing away, neither who am I sending to, nor what inquiries you look for…

A few personal words can do wonder

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Daniel, you contacted me already :slight_smile: It’s just to have some projects on it. I mostly do direct contacts already, it is attachment to my proposals. I do my work trough platforms, so no need for that.

here is the static one specialy for you

I posted the link because I was thinking I am replying to Ben directly. To be honest, I prefer to keep the communication here personal and to stay in the post topic. Who like the work can contact me.

Have a nice day

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Point taken :wink:
just wanted to help