Export FXed buffer

Hey folks!

I just wrote an audioapplication where you can modulate a PositionableAudioSource with some effects in the getNextAudioBlock() method. NOW, I need to export those channels with the actual FX into a wav file. I didn’t find any solution for that. Can I do it without playing the sound? And how can I do that?


I don’t know much about this but within the JUCE documentation lies AudioFormatWriter, which might be usable:

From what i understand it is able to “stream” data to disk via a background thread (would likely involve setting up some kind of “recording” solution)

yeah, borrow the ideas found in the Audio Recording demo to see how to write audio from some source to disk. Just make your source the PositionableAudioSource instead of the built-in mic that that demo project uses as the source.

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