Exporter Commonalities

Hey Jules,

I noticed commonalities between exporters that could perhaps be unified, and would like to suggest an interesting idea; having a section in the Introjucer that’s generalized, affecting all exporters.

It seems redundant to have to set different icons per exporter, and even preprocessor definitions. Since it may not be the case for everybody, perhaps this generalized section could have radio button setups for some things.

For example; a radio button group for icons with 2 items, the first stating “use same icons for all exporters” and the second “use different icons per exporter”. If the first is selected, the Icon (small) and Icon (large) sections for every exporter would be greyed out (to show that per-exporter icons will not be used). (maybe a checkbox would suffice - depends as to how explicit with words you would want to be I guess)

An example of use for the preprocessor definitions being in the generalized section; these definitions would affect every exporter, and these exporters could have their own additional set of extra definitions, allowing room for additional IDE/platform specific macros.

include paths common to all exporters and relative to the .jucer file would be nice too.