Exporting to different versions of XCode from Projucer?

Basically I would like to have both XCode 9 and 10 on my computer. 9 seems necessary for my projects that support 32 bit but 10 seems necessary to use the fanciest shmanciest C++17 toys like std::variant and std::optional. I’ve tried the roundabout ways to include those toys in XCode 9 and couldn’t get it to work so I gave up and figured this method was probably cleaner.

I figured XCode 9 would be my default and XCode 10 would sit inside an “XCode 10” folder in my applications. The thing is, how can I tell the projucer on a specific project not to open the default XCode, but instead point it to a different place other than my applications folder?

No, when you hit the save and open in IDE button the Projucer will just open the Xcode project file so it’ll behave as if you’d double-clicked it in Finder. This means it’ll open with the default application that you’ve set for .xcodeproj files (or whatever version of Xcode is currently open I think).

Will I run into problems if I have my project set up and opened from the projucer (to to wrong XCode) once just to make sure everything is set up properly, then close everything and open the xcode file directly from my hidden XCode 10?

Not quite sure what you mean, but the Xcode project files are fine to open from two different versions and shouldn’t cause any issues.

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Okay cool. I’m trying that now and it seems to be working fine. I think somebody told me once to always open the project from Projucer, not from within XCode, that’s why I was worried.

That’s good advice if you want to change any project settings as the Projucer will completely regenerate the Xcode project on each save, so any changes that you have made directly in Xcode won’t be kept. If you’re just editing the source files however you’ll be fine.

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