"fake" audio source


Perhaps an odd questions, but is it possible to create a “fake” audio source to give the device manager that just gives it “empty” buffers when there is no real device selected in the device manager? How would I accomplish this?

For example, I would like my processBlock callback to be called regularly at a given sample rate, buffer size, etc. regardless of whether there’s real audio coming from a real device. There are some non audio dependent tasks which I perform there, but which do require regular updating based on sample rate and buffer size, etc. Plus what if I still want to process the midi buffer if only a midi device exists?

Thanks :slight_smile:


It sounds more like you’re asking for a fake audio device rather than a fake source. I guess it’s easy enough to do, you’d just have to write a subclass of AudioIODevice that runs a thread that makes the callbacks.


thx :slight_smile: I’ll give it a shot.