"feature/engine_2_0" Branch

I would like to get started with updating my code as soon as possible.

Is it safe to use the feature/engine_2_0 branch OK to use yet?

To be honest I would leave it a little bit as there were lots of changes in there we’re still working though and there are probably places where the API will still change quite a bit.

All the engine work is public so our working branches are public too. I wouldn’t recommend anyone base their own work off anything other than main or develop though.

I was trying to get a head start on adapting to the new Time primitive. But, I will stick to develop branch for now.

Do you have an ETA for 2.0 being available?

It’s a few months out at least.

I understand trying to get started on the move but we’re still finding some pretty fundamental bugs and the API hasn’t stabilised yet. Of course you could update to that branch but be aware it could change quite drastically and break you build a lot over the next few months.

When we’re closer to release I’ll be providing some more detailed explanations on what’s changed, how to migrate and what new features are available.


I look forward to learning of all the changes and new features!

Thank you!