Feature: Monitor changes in IDE-specific project file


Would it be possible to add a feature to IntroJucer where it monitors the platform-specific project file for changes (i.e. FindFirstChangeNotification (Win32))? To detect when files are added, removed, renamed, or moved between groups, and update the relevant areas in the .jucer file?


You keep asking for this same thing - I heard you the first time! But it’d involve writing parsers for Xcode and MSVC projects, which is a bigger can of worms than I fancy opening right now!


Well this is a little different, I’m suggesting limiting the import to only the set of files. We can forget about project settings, build targets, and things like that. Am I way off base thinking that the existing JUCE XML Import classes cannot bring in both an Xcode and a Visual Studio IDE-specific project?


Sure, that’d be easier than a full-blown parser, but still a PITA to handle all the details. Of course it’s trivial to load the VS files as XML, but you still have to understand what’s in there… and Xcode uses some kind of proprietary JSON-like format, which would be much more hassle.