Feature Request: AAX Meters

Just out of curiosity.
We’re going to release a plug-in with AudioProcessorValueTreeState.

I think in current state it’s impossible to add Gain Reduction parameter since you need a category (just as it was with meta-parameter before latest commit).

Adding it manually goes into an assertion as it’s not a proper type when AudioProcessorValueTreeState is in charge.

Any thoughts? thanks!

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Bump. I am also in need of AAX Meter functionality with AudioProcessorValueTreeState.


A fix for this is now on develop.


Thank you! …can’t wait to try it out!

P.S. - as the meters designed to allow reporting for other formats also,
might be worth adding PreSonus GR API it is now also supported by REAPER.


I know the JUCE Team is busy as always.
It would be nice to add the PreSonus extensions into JUCE as they’re public domain and quite easy to do.

Here is a POC of adding Gain Reduction with very few lines. (it might need to change the parameter methods as this is with JUCE 4.3.x).


But any plug-in using meters would get it up-and-running out of the box.


We’re getting more user requests for supporting the PreSonus extensions for metering — would this be possible to add, @fabian?

@hguthertz the Sound Radix repo has that on both, master (4.x) and the juce5 branch.


Just a quick update.
I’ve just saw some regression by adding GR (reproduced only on release builds :frowning: ) with SONAR. It turns out the unlike other hosts, bombarding parameter change messages could lead to stack overflow at least on latest SONAR release from BandLab.

So heads-up -
If you do plan to do Gain Reduction parameter without explicitly setting it to hosts it’s supported, it’s much better to use setValue instead of setValueNotifyingHost .

@fabian - in your example above, it would be better to modify it to not notify :slight_smile:
(or in the case of AudioParameterFloat it should be *gainReduction = maxReduction;)

I’ve tested this on Pro Tools and Studio One 4 (as our branch got this too) but they are using a timer, no need to add overhead of messages.


Have you found a good and easy way to do this without a separate fork of JUCE? I’m making AAX for the first time and adding these meters was so easy, I would love to be able to put them in more DAW’s.