Feature Request: Fuzzy string search facilities

Hello JUCE team,

I think it would be great if JUCE had some type of implementation of fuzzy string searching.

My current need for it is for creating something like the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+p) and file searcher/opener (Ctrl+p) in Sublime Text or the CtrlP vim plugin, where you can type something similar to what you want, or abbreviations or something, and it'll let you choose from a list of application commands or files in the current directory. I personally think that every application should have something like this and I'd love to implement one for my own.

So what do you think about providing facilities for this? I think it could be really useful for a range of applications. I'm going to look into rolling my own, but I would be much more comfortable using something the JUCE team made. 



I think this is a great idea and have added it to our backlog.

Thank you for the idea! :)

Awesome! Thanks for that! From doing a lot of research on this, I noticed that theres a lot of different ways of doing fuzzy string searching. I think it would be great if you could give us an option to choose between several algorithms or something. One might not always be the best for the job. I haven't found one that acts like Sublime Text's, but I'll post that on here if I do.