[Feature Request] Introjucer and AAX/RTAS/VST3 wrappers always included

Hello guys !

I have a little feature request for the IntroJucer. I never compile audio plug-ins in RTAS/VST3/AAX formats, and I always uncheck the associated options in the IntroJucer when I create or update a JUCE project. However, the associated wrapper files are always included in my Visual Studio 2008 project. Would it be possible to remove them automatically from the project as well ?

Thanks in advance !


It doesn't matter - the code in them won't get compiled or used. And there's a lot of shared code in there too.

Fine if you say so ;)

PS. It was great to see the JUCE team again at Musikmesse ;)

Thanks, we really enjoyed the show, and meeting so many jucers!