[Feature request] Preserve AndroidManifest.xml and Android resources when saving Android project

I have an application which I plan to use on Windows and Android. Every time I want to add new source (cpp and h) files, I must resave the project with Introjucer and every time it overrides my customized AndroidManifest.xml and strings.xml files.

It will be great if The Introjucer will preserve existing changes in Android java and xml files.

That's not really possible.. How could it resolve conflicts between things you've edited manually in the file and changes that were made in the introjucer? That'd be a hugely difficult thing to attempt to implement.

But if there are extra things that the introjucer could do to let you manage these custom things through the GUI, that'd be a more realistic feature request!

Sorry, I didn’t think how it could be implemented. Now I understand it will be easier to add extra fields to Android export target.
The things I changed were Activity / Application title (which is by default equal to project name) and full screen theme (android:theme attribute in application tag).

May be it would be nice to let the user edit or write his own AndroidManifest.xml right in the Introjucer.

Yep, there's already a similar thing in the Xcode configs for editing the plist in the introjucer - having something similar for android would be a good move.. Drowning in other stuff right now, but it's noted..