Feedback: JUCE Splash Screen


I have been using JUCE over the past few weeks, and really enjoying it so far. Especially as a C++ beginner, I love how accessible it makes plugin development. I do however have a bit of a gripe with the splash screen.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not mind advertising JUCE at all, especially if it means I get to use it for free. That part is awesome. What irritates me, is that the link on the splash remains clickable, even long after the splash itself seems to have disappeared. It happens quite often, that I click an element in the lower right corner of my plugin, only for the browser to open. I wouldn’t even mind the splash staying on longer, but it would be nice if it turned un-clickable when the splash is no longer, or just barely, visible.


Agreed. Surely once the splash has faded out, it should no longer receive mouse clicks to open the URL? Or is that actually the intended behavior?

A bit of oversight on our behalf there; the fade results in the splash screen spending a relatively long time practically invisible.

I’ve changed it so that it no longer intercepts mouse clicks once the fade has started. This will be a much nicer experience for users as that region of the GUI also won’t appear unresponsive for a bit.