Feedback please (regarding synth)

I’ve been messing with synth designs over the last couple of weeks.

This one has two paralell synth modules. Each one has three oscillators…or rather one oscillator running at 3 pitches at once. The slider named Pr0n sets the detune. The only other features that are not self explanatory are the “pre” slider which is a volume control situated before a saturating waveshaper, so its much like the gain of amplifier, and then there is the Bnc checkbox which causes the panning to flip with every other key down.
The last is very useful.

Download here.

Perhaps I should be more clear about what I’m looking for. Basically I want to know if the tones produced are interesting enough to warrant finnishing up this synth, with LFOs, effects, and maybe an integrated peggy.
What I want to do is not to make another “VA” monster synth. Just something pretty simple, but with charachter. Its hard come up with interesting designs.
And what do you think about the selection of waveforms?

I think its a nice little synth :slight_smile:

CPU usage was low when doing basic stuff although it did rise when I started doing complex chords in it although that is to be expected.

I haven’t really seen many JUCE VSTs released yet but it certainly motivates me to get out the C++ tutorial book again and get back into it


I like it. I like the simplicity and the fact that despite this, you can still get quite a wide range of sounds out of it.
I would suggest that it does need some LFOs or some other way of adding some movement to the voices after the initial attack and decay of the filters. But remeber this can be quite subtle and doesn’t necessarily have to be a user controllable parameter. theres already hundreds of VA subtractive synths out there that let you tweak every parameter imaginable, and while flexibilty is good, simplicity and sounding great is much more important to me. All IMHO of course :wink:

I was occasionally getting small clicking sounds - as if the envelopes are cutting on or off too sharply. but i couldn’t consistently repeat it. Its not major thing right now though.

I too was thinking of coding a subtractive (or additive - couldn’t decide) soon, but i couldn’t really think of much that was interesting and hadn’t already been done. I might anyway - just for fun - even if its of no use to anyone :wink:

Updated the link, source now included.

Thanks for giving it a try. I appreciate it.
JUCE kicks ass like Chuck fucking Norris for this kind of stuff. (That I could make something like this in three weeks…with less than a year of C/C++ and about two months of JUCE experience, should be enough proof for anyone.)

The clicking sound is probably the saturator going into a hard clip, which in turn is probably a result of the filter resonance algo being somewhat unpredictable. Pulling back on the preamp and/or resonance might fix it.

So, two different approaches occur to me at the moment.
One would be to remove one of the synth modules, add two LFO’s and a mod matrix, arpeggiator and several effects.
The second one is to keep the dual approach, and add one assignable LFO per module and a delay.
I dont want to make it too complex you see.

And actually no 3… ditch this and start over with a synth modeled after Yamaha AN1x which is one kick ass synth with a very versatile oscillator configuration. :smiley: