FFTW and GUI Interface

Hello all,

First post so apologies if I’m not up to speed with protocol.

Firstly, I’m having trouble getting FFTW to work in a VST plugin, anyone had success with it? As soon as I call anything from fftw3.h Cubase won’t recognise the plugin.

Secondly, how do I communicate between the processor and editor? I want to send the FFT results to the GUI to be plotted, and then I need to call repaint from the processor when the next window has been computed.

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Just managed to get the FFT results into the editor using getProcessor()-> ! Still cant call repaint from the processor. Is there an equivalent getEditor()?


You don’t access the editor from the processor; you can’t even be sure there is an editor.
Make the data available in you processor and access it from the editor via the already encountered getProcessor(). In the editor you might update the fft data from the processor in a timer callback. You therefore need Timer as a base class for your editor class, have a look at the demo plugin how this is done.


Thanks, will be having a look today!