File Browser item loading system native icons issue on Windows


Came across a weird issue. I really want to extract the native icon on Windows but here is what I got.
(The JuceDemo has the exactly same issue so i put its screenshots here). I am on Windows 10 with the latest Juce 4.3.0.

When you first open ‘Load’ File Browser under Dialog Boxes in JuceDemo. You get:

Then, if you toggle on the “use native windows”, and open ‘Load’ File Browser again. You will get the Windows native one of course.

Now, if you toggle off the “use native windows”, and ‘Load’ File Browser again. You will get this:

The native icons can be extracted but, you will see that the alpha part of the icons are incorrect. It seems the icon’s masking bitmap is not correct.

I am using the tree view version of the file browser, but this icon issue stays. Mac version does not have this.