Filebrowser position (mobile suggestions (Android, iOS))

Hi Jules,

on iOS and Android the FileChooserDialogBox shouldn't center by default (especially in landscape view). When you insert a text the screen-keyboard pops up, overlay the input textbox and you can't see what you're typing (without moving the dialog manually).

I've hacked the method FileChooserDialogBox::showAt, that the dialog will be centered on the top half of the desktop and reduced the dialog height to 2/5 of the desktop height.

Not sure if this is the right way... but will be cool to have something similar by default without hacking the filebrowser code.

What is your opinion?


Or another idea: showing a popup with a texteditor as alternative input/view whenever a texteditor hasKeyboardFocus and is overlayed by the keyboard. ?

Or 3: if the keyboard is visible, then auto move the filebrowser a bit up...


Q: is there a way to move the filebrowser without hacking the JUCE code?